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4 Tips on Creating an Outdoor Entertainment System

Posted on March 17, 2018, by Mimi's Audio & Video Installation Team in: Other
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Imagine enjoying the breeze on your patio or lounging in the pool during the hot San Antonio Summer and being able to watch your favorite shows while you do so. With Spring upon us, and Summer quickly approaching it’s time to start thinking how you will be entertaining your guests and family- and what equipment you need. If you are planning on installing an outdoor entertainment system– keep these tips in mind:

  1. Get Waterproof Remotes
    Think about jumping into the pool and then having to constantly get out to grab a remote- or even leaving a remote outside when it rains! There are many unfortunate endings that come from leaving a remote outside. One way to avoid this is to purchase a remote the is waterproof or even invest in cool remotes that can float and be controlled directly from the pool.
  2. Expand Your WI-FI reach
    You might not think about expanding your Wi-Fi when installing an outdoor entertainment system- but imagine what happens when you’ve set everything up and can’t connect to your home network! The strength of our home wi-fi can only go so far, and if your outdoor entertaining area is out of that scope, the new addition is completely pointless. Make sure you check with your local audio and video company to see if they can expand the wifi reach to include the outdoor space.
  3. You Can Never Have Too many Speakers
    One of the many overlooked aspects of an outdoor entertainment system is the sound design. Unlike a house- there is a ton of background noise the obscures what can be heard in the space. Make sure that you install plenty of speakers all around the outdoor entertainment area so that your sound can be heard clearly.
  4. Don’t Put Indoor Equipment Outdoors
    Many people believe that any TV can go outdoors- this is quite the contrary. There are special TV’s that are designed to be watched and stored outside. These TV’s are built to withstand extreme temperatures, are easier to keep clean, and appear brighter than indoor televisions. Make sure you are purchasing and investing in the right type of equipment for your needs.

If you are thinking about installing an outdoor entertainment system and still have questions about how or where to start, contact us at Mimi’s Audio and Video. We can help with wi-fi expansion, audio and video installations and have provided quality service to the San Antonio area for many years. and projector installations.

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