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Three Benefits of a Flat Panel Installation

Posted on June 7, 2018, by Mimi's Audio & Video Installation Team in: Flat Panel Installation


Television has evolved over the past couple decades. Each year a TV company comes out with new TVs which includes new features that just make your Tv look old. You could have just bought your Tv this past year but this new one you saw on a commercial, seems too reasonable to pass on. Either way, you always get that little feeling of wanting to upgrade. Now, say got you know the TV you wish to buy and your thinking about hiring a local audio and video company to install your flat panel. Should you? Here a few benefits to getting it installed by a professional.

Connecting TV to Video Components

TVs come with a lot of wiring, and if you have a home theater system, it can become a little bit confusing to set up. Technology is always advancing, and the installation may change over time. Getting your new flat panel installed by a professional will keep your entertainment system operating smoothly, especially when you purchase that new TV.

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Update Software and Firmware

Like we said earlier, technology is always advancing, and if you don’t properly update your new flat panel, it can cause some complications. Sometimes a TV right out of the box will not work correctly because system updates have been released but your TV has been living in a box, so it hasn’t been updated. Professionals know exactly what they need to do to get the TV updated to optimize the entertainment in your home.

Configure the Smart TV

The Tv you bought happens to have applications to download, but you just can’t get it to work or don’t know how to. This process can get a little tricky for someone who has no knowledge of the way smart TVs work. Those unfamiliar with the apps that a TV have can find themselves waiting for all of the features to install, a professional can expedite the process so you can sit back and enjoy your new big screen.

At Mimi’s Audio and Video in San Antonio, Texas, flat panel installation is our line of expertise. We cover all of the San Antonio areas and up to San Marcos if you’re thinking about installing a flat panel. Leave it for us to give you the most out of your entertainment system. Give us a call at 210-289-4432 or visit our website here for more information.

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