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Audio Installation

March 12, 20233 minute read

Audio installation san antonio


Mimi’s Audio and Video in San Antonio offers many services, including audio installation. We want to turn your home into the perfect movie watching space. Audio installation can make the sound effects of the TV sound even more intense and in person, it will make you feel like your apart of the TV! Here are some reasons to consider audio installation into your house.

  • You can divide the house sound system: there may be some rooms where there are different music preferences, such as your kids wanting to play music you may not like. Your brother could also be playing music that you may not want to enjoy, so having your own sound system in your room will clear up that problem! The number of audio zones in a household can vary, so make sure to double check with the company that is doing the audio installation for you.
  • It can make your home be the entertainment center: this is an additional feature where hosting house parties can make it even better! Most multiroom systems offer streaming, so the music can play directly off your phone.
  • Avoid the cords: with this sound system and streaming services, you can hook up your phone and control the sound directly from your palm. No cords, no hassle.
  • You can control it, not just from your phone: it can also connect to your TV, CD players, and so many more devices!
  • You can add new equipment to the audio installation: you do not just have to stick to one setup. In the future, if you decide you want to add more or take some of the audio options away, it’s possible!
  • Variety of speakers to choose from: based on your preferences, you can choose different types of speakers to install into your home.
  • Location of speakers can be anywhere: they can either be located on the ceiling, walls, weatherproof, and so much more!
  • With the multiroom speakers, there is so many more possibilities: imagine if you can install and control speakers directly from your phone, what if you could control lighting and temperature? Home installations open so many different possibilities.

Hosting parties with audio installation will make it so much more exciting. It can be used for a variety of different events. Movie nights can become so much more intense with thrilling sound effects. Parties can be so much more eventful with controlled music around the house. Or quiet nights at home where some rooms play music, and some are quiet. Even businesses can use audio installation to make the shopping experience even better for customers! Audio installation with Mimi’s Audio and Video in San Antonio will allow so many possibilities to enhance your home experience.

At Mimi’s we have the tools and knowledge to complete your installation. If it requires specific tools, we have them! Including network switches, and yes, those special data jacks for your IP devices, we have them too. We offer new products for installation and are an authorized company to finish the job for you. We make the difficult weekend job a reality, so do not worry, we have you taken care of. We provide same day installation and our services are provided to the San Antonio and the surrounding Bexar county area. If you are interested in audio installation for your home or business, visit our website or call us at 210-289-4432 or email us at We provide 100% satisfaction guarantee and make customers for life, so call us today and let us help you!


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