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Tips on Stepping Up Wi-Fi

November 29, 20183 minute read

Stepping Up Wi-Fi
Everyone has experienced this moment – every device at home is working perfectly and running smoothly with no problems. All of the sudden everything is buffering and not responding. Slow WIFI connection can be incredibly frustrating. There are various reasons for your WIFI to start acting up such as signal congestion, bandwidth issues, and hardware limitations. The hard truth is that most homes and offices will experience Wi-Fi issues at one point or another. We’ve come up with four ways to help increase your Wi-Fi speed.

1. Look for interferences.

Surprisingly, many houses hold devices can affect your Wi-Fi speeds. Things such as cordless phones, microwave ovens, and even baby monitors can interfere with your Wi-Fi connection. This is especially true for routers that are older and run on a 2.4GHz frequency. The easiest way to fix this is to move your router away from other 2.4GHz devices, or you could upgrade your hardware.

2. Update your router’s software.

It is common for people to forget to update their routers firmware. By keeping your Wi-Fi software updated, you can not only improve your Wi-Fi, but you will also protect yourself from newly discovered security breaches. Checking your software updates is simple, all you have to do is go onto the internet and type in your router’s IP address to visit your administrator page.

3. Change channels.

Using a less crowded wireless channel can significantly improve your Wi-Fi connection. If you have neighbors around you, their routers and access points could be interfering with yours, thus causing the signal to decrease. Wi-Fi routers can operate on many different channels, but you want to make sure it is on the one with the least amount of interference as possible.

4. Set up your router in the optimal place.

Choosing where you place your router can affect your wireless coverage. It may seem like the best option is to put your router in a cabinet out of the way or in a corner where the cable is, but that is not always the case. A wired router can be tucked away in a corner, but a wireless router needs space, away from walls and obstructions.

Follow these four helpful hints to ensure your wi-fi is working flawlessly. If you’re looking for wi-fi expansion in San Antonio, then Mimi’s Audio and Video can help! Contact us today at (210) 289-4432 or visit our website for more information

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