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Home InteriorThese days, smart home automation is all the rage. However, what is smart home automation? Installation of a smart home control device provides you the ability to control lighting, climate, security, doorbells and many more home electronics all from a single source or a mobile phone app. Basically, home automation control is redefining what it means to create an intelligent smart home. From automatically turning the lights off when nobody’s in a room to automatically setting your home’s temperature while away during the day and before you get home from work, smart home devices and apps are making the dream of automation a reality.

We at Mimi’s Audio & Video in San Antonio are proud to be part of this revolutionary experience. We offer smart home automation control devices and installation for Brilliant, one of the top contenders in this field.

Brilliant essentially simplifies your smart home experience, giving you touch and voice control over all your smart home devices from one control panel, by touch or voice. From lights, music, climate, security, doorbells and whatever is on the horizon.

Here’s how it works. Brilliant’s control panels replace any light switch in your home. It can be installed in a few minutes and doesn’t require additional hubs, wiring, batteries or programming. It instantly turns your lights into smart lights and syncs your voice and touch panel control to all your other smart home products. Plus, the control panel is so easy to use, everyone in your home can simply access it directly from the wall

Brilliant produces four different choices which work with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (if Wi-Fi isn’t available). Options include one, two, three and four light switch panels (the two – four switch devices have separate sliders for the number lights you want to turn on). Basically, you turn your standard lights into smart lights (such as Phillips Hue) which have on/off timers and dimmable controls.

Brilliant panels also offer other controls, such as:

  • Connection to Sonos, Nest, Ring, August, Ecobee, Google Home, Google Assistant and many other connectable smart devices
  • The Brilliant mobile app for both iOS and Android provides you with remote access (anywhere, anyplace) if your mobile device has an Internet connection. You can control your lights, climate and locks (at this time, the mobile app doesn’t work with Sonos, but will soon)
  • Lock/unlock your doors from anywhere with August, Schlage or Yale locks
  • Amazon Alexa is built-in allowing you clutter-free control by effortlessly using voice commands
  • Room-to-room video chat (with two or more panels)
  • Displays photos, animated GIFs, art or seasonal themes to complement your sense of style and home décor
  • Clutter-free control be effortlessly using just your voice
  • Streaming music through Alexa, touchscreen or your smartphone app
  • Connection to Ring Video Doorbell to see who’s at the door on your Brilliant screen display
  • Automatic over the air software updates using industry standard encryption
  • The ability to access Brilliant through the Brilliant Alexa skill or Google Actions to work with Google Home/Google Assistant
  • It can also be integrated into a wider array of smart-home systems, including home-security systems, and with smart-home hubs such as SmartThings and Wink.
  • And much more!

If you’re interested in purchasing one or more Brilliant Smart Home Automation panels as well as Brilliant Smart Home Automation installation, contact us at 210-289-4432 or send us an email at Our knowledgeable and professional Installation Consultants will be more than happy to help. We can also provide you a FREE online quote at

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