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Audio Equipment Installation

A high-performance home theater is like magical experience; it can virtually transport you into the movie’s action, if done right. That’s why you need a professional to help you with the installation.

Flat Panel Installation

Whether you are building a new home or just need a new flat screen – we can do it!

Home Theater Installation

Mimi’s Audio Video is your one-stop shop for your home theater needs. We provide everything you need to have your own private viewing area for your favorite movies and shows. From huge theater rooms to small man caves, we’ve got you covered.

Surround Sound Installation

Our services include surround sound system installations, TV mounting, automation, and home theater implementation.

Wi Fi Expansion

Reposition your router or access point (AP) to avoid obstructions and radio interference. Both reduce the range of Wi-Fi network equipment. Common sources of interference in residences include brick or plaster walls, microwave ovens, and cordless phones. Additionally, consider changing the Wi-Fi channel number on your equipment to avoid interference.

Projector and Screen Installation

If you are looking for projector and projection screen installation services call on Mimi’s Audio Video.

We have completed installations for below or call Mimi’s Audio Video today @ 210-289-4432 to talk to our
Installation Consultants about your projector installation needs. All installation services come with our
Best Installation Price Guarantee.

Background Music Installation

A quality background music system can enhance your customers experience by providing quality music at an appropriate level. A poorly designed and installed system can become intrusive and irritating to the ear, with poor quality and sound coverage. In short, an improved background music system means customers stay longer and spend more.

One Control for All Your Devices

Brilliant simplifies your smart home experience, giving you touch and voice control over all your smart home devices. From lights, music, climate, security, and doorbells to whatever comes next, Brilliant replaces any existing light switch and connects everyone in the home with controls that are easy to access and use.

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