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Why should you hire a professional for projector/projector screen installation?

July 17, 20182 minute read


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If you don’t know or don’t have the desire to learn how to install a projector and projector screen, or you’ve already spent enough time trying to customize, configure or troubleshoot, it is probably time to bring in a professional. The decision to install a projector into your home can be worth the investment in your time as well as your sanity to have a professional ensure that your home projector installation goes as smooth and stress-free as possible with the correct alignment and focus.

Projectors will provide the ultimate home theater experience. Front projectors are capable of creating the most significant images by far. Along with various other benefits, projectors give you the flexibility of having a screen size to custom fit your needs. Different from flat panels where you’re limited in size, a front projector will give you the option of having a projector screen as large as 120” and more substantial.

By hiring a professional to assist you with the installation of a projector and projector screen, it will save you the trouble of determining a location for your projector installation as well as help you with the decision of a wall-mount of ceiling-mount.

When deciding where to install your projector, you should plan to fit the screen in an area where it is easily viewable from your furniture and situated in a place that the projector will display against a wall. It is not a good idea to install a projector screen over a window that gets direct sunlight or to use the projector screen as a window covering since intense, prolonged sunlight can damage the material. It is essential to keep in mind that projector produces the most optimal images in a dark environment, so the best results are usually generated once the sun has set.

A professional will mount your projector on the ceiling or wall and neatly conceal your wires base on the ceiling structure as well as install your screen. At Mimi’s Audio and Video our team of professionals will come prepared for anything and everything they will need for projector and screen installation to ensure the process goes efficiently and stress-free. For more information on the projector and screen, installation give us a call at (210) 289-4432 or visit our website!

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