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Why Should You Install Digital Display Screen in Your Office

August 21, 20183 minute read

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LCD/LED displays, video walls, door screens or smart screens are digital signage commonly used in various organizations. But have you ever given a thought to what are the underlying reasons for the screen installation? What makes them more than just a rectangular display or how can they contribute to the success of your company or business? Here are some valid pointers that will give you some unique perspectives:

  1. Display Time-Sensitive Messages – Have any important and time-sensitive messages for your visitors or employees? It’s as simple as displaying them on a digital screen. They are the best replacements for bulletin boards as you can capture the viewer’s attention by offering them information in varied formats, including interactive videos.
  2. Easy Retention of Videos – Graphics are easier to retain than text. By installing screens, you can ensure that the employees, visitors and anyone else in the company will be able to view and remember the information displayed for a longer time.
  3. The Flexibility of Placement – The screens can be placed almost anywhere in your workplace via the boardroom, the cafeteria, the reception or the foyer, in cabins etc. Therefore, the same information can be relayed in real-time in all these places. This ensures greater consistency in communication with no place for error. This can be a savior when it comes to emergency instructions that need to be communicated immediately to everyone on the floor.
  4. Easier to Pass Information in Bulk – You can also use the screens as constant reminders of company objectives for various teams in the organization. For instance, digital screens at the workplace will make it easier to pass essential information to more number of people as opposed to mass emails, which may or may not be read in the first place. The same holds true for announcements of upcoming events and for deadline reminders.
  5. Impress Clients – When you have clients visiting you, the TV will help you make a great first impression, showing that your company is forward thinking and adaptive. The neat display screens with state-of-the-art video content or artwork will send them a vibe that your organization is tech-savvy, in-line with the latest trends, and innovative. Compare this sophisticated communication method with posters or boards with a few random pieces of papers. The former definitely wins hands down!
  6. Grab Attention – A colorful poster and a gif. What would you personally prefer viewing on a regular basis? The answer is crystal clear.  Any visual with animation or interactive elements will help in “gamifying” because it will capture the viewers’ attention almost instantaneously. This can be extremely handy, when you want to run a promotion for a newly launched product, service or want to exhibit your company’s work culture with fun videos.
  7. Motivate Employees – Digital displays can also be placeholders for notable achievements by the firm and the employees such as running images or videos that highlight their best contribution to the company. This will keep them motivated, help enhance their efficiency, and translate to better results in the future.

Your workspace defines your brand and installing an office theater system is one of the best ways to go about it. Mimi’s Audio and Video is the number one provider for screen installations in San Antonio. Visit our website or give us a call today at 210-289-4432 to learn more about the services that we offer!

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