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Benefits to Screen Installations in Schools

September 7, 20182 minute read

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Technology improves every year and can lead to an improvement in teaching students. Teachers are always experimenting with digital classrooms. Some schools have technology that could allow students to have personal laptops, instructors having complete access to the computers at any point in time, allowing all work to be completed and submitted online, and so much more. Installing a screen in schools will allow teachers and students to share and view work altogether. It can open a door for student and instructor engagement. Here are some ways that screen installations could make a difference in schools:

  • Interactive: Touch screens can allow students to engage with content and will enable them to learn with fellow students. Installing a sound system can engage those in the back of the class as well that might not always be able to hear what the instructor is saying.
  • Manageable: It can make teaching more manageable for the instructors. Instead of having to write on the whiteboard every time they want to teach and share information, a screen installation can allow the instructor to use online content or already have something typed out ready to share.
  • Accessibility: In sharing student work and in watching movies!
    • Students can share their content with the rest of the class. Depending on the accessible technology at schools, students that have their own laptops can show their laptop screen to the rest of the class by having it projected up on the large screen.
    • Showing videos and movies will be easier and more accessible. Instead of having to search for a DVD to put into a video player connected to a separate TV, a screen installation can have access to the internet.

Schools that choose to install screens will improve the quality of teaching in instructors and encourage engagement from students. If schools or instructors are interested in screen installations, go to Mimi’s Audio & Video in San Antonio! If you are interested, get a free quote today by visiting their website:

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