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Why Have a Home Theater Projector over a TV?

November 30, 20182 minute read

Home Theater Projector

When upgrading your media outlets in your home it is common to assume spending loads of money on a nice, and new TV is the best choice. But, if you want to save money and still create a solution for your movie-night needs, we suggest investing in a home theater projector rather than a television. Typically, people assume that projectors are outdated and old-school, but with today’s technology; projectors can support your Netflix binge-watching addiction and come with a lot of surprising benefits. We’ve come up with the top three reasons on why you should choose a home theater projector over a television.

1. A projector will save you space.
If you chose a television, you either have to mount it on a sturdy wall or place on it on a large TV stand. Televisions not only take up valuable floor space but they also become the focal point of a room. With a projector, you can save space and store the projector away and out of sight when you aren’t using it.

2. Get more screen for your money.
If a huge flat screen TV is what you want, then you’ll more than likely have to spend a couple of hundred dollars. When you invest in a projector, you save money and can still play your favorite films at 120 inches wide. If you want a bigger screen, all you have to do is spend a little extra on a screen. Investing in a home theater projector saves you money while still providing an incredible cinema experience.

3. A projector is portable.
One of the main differences between a television and a projector is the ability to fit a projector into a backpack. You can move your projector to different rooms or even to another house to host movie nights. A projector is convenient and allows for easy mobility to give you great movie night locations.

The Home theater projector is an obvious choice over a television. You will save money, space and even moving pains. If you’re looking to install a home theater projector then Mimi’s Audio and Video can help you with all your cinema needs. Contact us today at (210) 289-4432 or visit our website for more information.

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